Arie Finance


Arie Finance

ARIE Finance was established to meet the needs of the underserved mid-market business, in particular international organisations, and those with complex structures, who have not been supported by the traditional banking industry.
ARIE Finance enables each client the freedom to transact and manage their finances from anywhere in the world via a seamless and fully customisable dashboard, while simultaneously benefiting from experienced and trusted in-person support.


Our key services include:

  • Corporate Banking
  • Multi-Entities Management
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Pre-paid and Debit card Issuance
  • Arie Finance

    We are raising USD 20M to start the migration towards the first global platform company in Financial services.
    The funds will allow us :

  • To launch ARIE Lab, build the SandBox and begin working on a Tool
  • Box: Integrating blockchain, AI, BigData, predictive analytics and behavioural science to the state of the art architecture that we have built will allow Partner Apps to offer proactive recommendations and not just pattern based suggestions. We want to Anticipate our Clients’ needs and mitigate their risk even before they know there is one. Building a powerful “sandbox” where Fintechs from all over the World, both new and established, will come to connect to our platform and test their solutions. That will allow us to identify and filter the best ones and start building the internal ecosystems.
  • To implement the unique customer journey
  • To start looking into building a blockchain based integrated Custody / Clearing / Settlement service for a global community of digital currencies.
  • To deploy rapidly our operations in Europe and the UK rapidly as well as expand to financial services from and into China.
  • To increase our visibility and start growing exponentially clients and partner apps.
  • Arie Finance


  • We have invested significant funds to build an infrastructure, getting regulated and initiating our activities.
  • We have built our own proprietary S_a_a_S based, Cloud native, core-banking platform, audited by Google. This is already the next generation of Fintechs: Bank_as_a_Platform
  • We are the first Digital Bank to focus on Businesses, Corporates, Investors and Institutions, especially those with multi-entities and significant cross-border activity.
  • We have been live since Q2 of 2019, and have been generating revenues and experienced significant traction particulary since early 2020.
  • We have submitted applications for additional licenses in the UK and Europe and will start offering our services there from May 2021.
  • We are engaging with Google in a technology partnership to build a new standard in E-KYC and E-signatures, especially for clients from outside of Europe.

    Our Business Model is designed to generate high profitability even with low volumes of clients and limited amount of services:

    Cost-per-unit is low:
    – We use our own platform and we have automated 70% of the expensive admin tasks such as KYC/onboarding and back-office management.

    Cost of client acquisition is low: clients are not coming from mass-market viral marketing. Instead they are mostly from targeted viral marketing, referral agreements with channel partners and “whitelabel” delegated service.
    – We assess our cost of client acquisition to be around 30% of the generated revenues.

    High-revenue per client: the clients are paying for all services. Many of them have complex structures and activities.
    – Average revenue per client per year stands at $6000 as compared to £13 per year for an average REVOLUT Client
    – Clients are paying a monthly subscription including a certain number of transactions and then additional fees for specific services.