Clean Energy of the planet -“Carbioniс” for environmentally friendly civilization.

Energy is the basis of all activity. Without energy, nothing moves nor transforms; and so a sustainable society can only exist based on a sustainable energy system. Today, our energy system is based on extracting highly concentrated forms of energy we find in nature, such as fossil fuels, large rivers and waterfalls, and burning trees.
These concentrated energy sources are the summit of a vast energy pyramid/network and form the key stones of the entire web of life; by removing we risk collapsing the whole structure we stand upon.
Unfortunately, our energy system is dysfunctional because highly concentrated forms of energy are in short supply and play critical roles in the ecosystem.
Inherent in the first problem is that there are relatively little of these naturally concentrated stores of energy around and they’re exhausted.


Tiny algae organisms have great potential for clean energy future. These microscopic green machines convert sunlight into energy, storing it in the form of natural oils that can be extracted to fuel planes, cars and trains. It’s estimated that under the right conditions, algae could produce up to 60 times more oil than land-based plants.

Since an alga needs carbon dioxide to grow, it takes greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, making it nearly carbon-neutral. In addition, algae can grow in a variety of environments — including man-made ponds, brackish water and wastewater.

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Resource Base

Еffective super-fuel “Сarbioniс” – 70 MJ / kg, based on the clusters of hydrocarbons of natural and renewable raw material sources.
Developer: Dr. Yuri Zubanyuk.
Dubai in August 2015.

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