Founder / Director

Future  Green Investment

Mr. Osama El Circy has over 30 years of experience in different business verticals. He has Proficiency an academic qualification (B.Sc. & M.Sc.) for sports science.

Mr. Osama has the distinction of being chosen as an ambassador of Organization for Peace in the World. He is the owner and Patent holder of “TP Shoes” worldwide & also Owner and Patent holder of Green Energy “Carbionic” worldwide with developer Dr. Yuri Zubanyuk.

Mr. Osama is also an active crusader of human rights and is a diplomat in the International Organisation for Development & Human Rights & also Head of the Office of Fighting Financial and Administrative Corruption.

Mr. Osama has the distinction of being chosen as the ambassador to Olympic Spirit Centre in Dubai and to assist Olympic Spirit globally & is also an ambassador and diplomatic holder – Council of Arab Unity and International Cooperation, Arab Body Independent International.

For his contribution to the field of technology, education & arts he was honoured as a Doctor of Philosophy from International Royal Academy of the United Nations of Education, Technology, Business, Art & Culture.

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