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HEXICON will lead the floating multi-turbine wind power deployment in selected markets. GVA 5000 for the Balmoral field (UK) Swedish Design & Engineering Draught: 5 m Water depth: 150 - 3000 m Built: 1986 Still in operat...


ABOUT THE PRINCIPALITY OF SEBORGA SEBORGA is rich in history, which dates back to late tenth century and has fascinated travellers for centuries. The feud of SEBORGA dates back as early as 954. British Historian’s consider SEBORGA the first constitutional...


NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES Clean Energy of the planet -"Carbioniс" for environmentally friendly civilization. INTRODUCTION Energy is the basis of all activity. Without energy, nothing moves nor transforms; and so a sustainable society can only exist based on a ... Read More


TRAINING PARTNER SHOES TP SHOES DESIGN Sport Design - 01For - Men Sport Design - 02 For - Men & Women Sport Design - 03 For - Men & Women Sport Design - 04For - Men Sport Design - 05...

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