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About MTST

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech Group personnel share a passion for technological research, logistical improvement and security innovation. With 120 people located in Switzerland and Romania, 70% of whom hold university degrees, the company intends to be a global provider of safety and security products and services in civil aviation, commercial aviation and logistical processes, among others. 20% of our employees focus on research and development, a reflection of our commitment to delivering advanced, state-of-the-art solutions.
At Mircea Tudor Scan Tech, R&D is an integral part of our operations. Our applied R&D aims to quickly and safely deliver results, products and solutions that can solve safety challenges immediately. We invented and developed the first-ever scanner for airplanes, ushering in a safer approach to flight
We believe that an effective R&D policy is steeped in, and results in, a culture of innovation at all levels of the organization’s value chain. We foster innovation by hiring the best minds in the fields, collaborating with safety regulators and professionals, and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
MIRCEA TUDOR TECH AERIA DV fuses technological sophistication to scan all types of aircraft, from midsize airplanes to small, private jets. Our patented system embeds several safety measures that provide efficiency, stability and clarity during the scanning process, irrespective of the number of vehicles and their size.
Our Integrated Border Management solution addresses pressing questions that government officials identify (and need to solve) on a daily basis. We collaborate with safety officials and industry insiders to develop a solution that optimizes border controls, fosters contraband enforcement, reduces trans-border illegal activities, enhances passenger safety and improves operational efficiency for border-security professionals.

Awards and Achievements

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech has received countless accolades since it began its operations. The most important events in security management and innovation have awarded us with the highest prizes for innovation, including: