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Master Plan
Master Plan Summary Summary of Built Up Area Construction Summary Aerial View
Architect Drawing: Floor Plans and Renderings

Complementary components to support year-round occupancy

Auberge Resorts Montenegro is positioned as Montenegro’s first luxury Five-Star integrated development spread over c.500,000 m² of land (including adjoining government land and beach being leased). The investor is financing a 2-Phase development project. Phase 1 will build out the property’s infrastructure, hotel, beach club, marina facilities, and branded residences. Phase 2 of the master plan includes the development of complimentary business components: town square, performing arts and wellness centers plus the remaining residences.

Auberge Resorts Montenegro

Luxury Hotel
▪ Segregated Five-Star hotel with luxurious rooms and suites
▪ Spellbinding architecture
▪ Stunning view of the Adriatic Sea
▪ State-of-the-art amenities and world class spa
▪ Branded furnished luxury apartments and villas
▪ Each residence having an unobstructed view of the Adriatic Sea
▪ Part of the hotel key pool, owners can earn a regular yield from hotel rental contribution
Beach Club, Marina and Sports
▪ Outdoor sports facilities and recreational activities such as zip lining, mountain biking, and hiking trails
▪ Exclusive marina for yachts/sailing boats
▪ Beach club and water sports
▪ Boardwalk along the Adriatic coastline with cafés
Complimentary Business Components

Town Square
▪ Chic town square bustling with high end retail, restaurants, cafés and sports bars
▪ Exclusive night club, art gallery, dancing fountains and ice skating rink
▪ Amphitheatre for entertainment shows

Performing Arts
▪ Strategic alliances with global performance groups, agents
▪ Global and regional performances, operas and musical concerts in the evenings
▪ Potential to have own production company

Wellness & Life Coaching
▪ Wellness and medical facility managed by experienced staff in association with international and reputable medical centres/hospitals
▪ Minor cosmetic surgeries, detoxification and physicals
▪ Life coaching centre for holistic well-being and activities

A – SIM OWNED 108,625
B – LEASED LAND 308,241
Developed Land (Plot Area) 69,800
Vehicular Path 16,294
Open Space Pedestrian Path 9,950
Perimeter Buffer 7,150
Infrastructure 5,431




Compelling Investment Owners of Apartments & Villas
Robust Yield Generated
Sample Rental Pool Economics

Robust Yield To Be Generated by Apartment & Villa Ownership

Freehold title
Serviced and branded with Auberge Resorts Collection
Deluxe Furnishing
Panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea
The apartments and villas, (“Residences”)’, will be sold to buyers worldwide, some of whom will be seeking real estate yield which will be generated by placing the unit as part of the hotel pool rental (see below). Sold with the Auberge brand, these residences are expected to attract premium buyers with discerning tastes. Based on the conservative occupancy assumption of 46%, the yield generated for the residence owners is estimated 9% – 12% (operational year 5+)
As part of the sale agreement between SIM and the individual Residence owners, 100% of these units will be made available as part of the hotel’s program to be offered by Auberge’s global reservation system for a 50% share of the gross rental income per unit. This system allows seamless delivery of income to owners. Net yield is based on adjusting the owner’s rental income by an annual home owner’s association fee (“HOA”) paid to SIM for management and maintenance (security, privacy, etc.) of the owner’s unit. This fee will also cover an annual management fee paid to Auberge to market the property via their reservation system.


Auberge Resorts’ Five-Star Luxury Hotel and Spa
Beach Club, Marina & Sports

Complimentary Business Components
Town Square (shops, restaurants, bars) Performing Arts Centre
Wellness Centre
Life Coaching Centre

Auberge Resorts Montenegro is positioned to deliver Montenegro’s finest and most exclusive five-star hotel: each luxurious room and suite to be designed as a private enclave with close personal service, sophisticated accoutrements, and a spectacular view. The resort will target the most sophisticated and discerning clientele (A++ segment), with facilities and ambience that embody understated opulence, combined with meticulous interpretation of local surroundings.

The property will be operated by Auberge Resorts Collection, under the Auberge Resorts brand. Auberge Resorts Collection is a uniquely positioned luxury hotel operator that owns its market niche with a thirty-year track record as owners, developers and managers of world-class resorts, hotels and real estate
▪ Indispensable experience with envisioning, conceptualizing and positioning best-of-breed hotel and real estate properties internationally
▪ Expertise in generating economic return and driving long-term asset value by building iconic properties
▪ Differentiated product drives performance, adds value and attracts affluent buyers

Beach Club
Auberge Resorts Montenegro’s close location to the beach is an ideal setting for an exclusive inland beach club. During the day, the club’s modern elegance will add the perfect complement to Montenegro’s stunning views. At sunset, it will transform into an exclusive and vibrant entertainment area.
The beach club will be managed by a world class operator and contain various amenities and activities such as:
▪ 125 seating bar and restaurant
▪ Open air dance floor with acoustics and lighting
▪ Water sports (water scooters, scuba diving, jet skiing and parasailing)

An exclusive marina for small yachts and sailboats will be built on the property facing the Adriatic, an area known for its excellent sailing conditions. Mooring facilities for clients will be provided with full access to the beach club and other parts of the resort. Low cost base as well as attractive yacht and sailboat taxes are big draw factors.

Outdoor Sports & Recreation
The project will capitalise on the adjoining government forest land of over 400,000 m2 being leased by SIM, and which will accommodate outdoor sports facilities and recreation such as zip- lining, basketball and volleyball courts, infinity pool, hiking, mountain biking and nature trails.

‒ Peak period: June to September
‒ 64% occupancy of 80 people in first year of operation
‒ Average spend per visitor: €100 per day
‒ Assuming 20 sailboats capacity revenue is estimated for only €100 per day for the summer months

Town Square
A key highlight of the project will be a quaint but chic town square made in stone resembling a 16th century European small town centre. Inspired by the heritage architecture of Herceg Novi, the town square is designed to blend the old and the new.
The town square will be designed to ensure a totally integrated development concept. The slope gradient of the land will be exploited to the fullest to deliver a ‘real-feel’ characteristic prevalent in most medieval town centres in Eastern Europe – complete with narrow cobblestone pathways, stone steps and its own clock tower.
The town square, along with the other project components, will not only attract local clientele but resort residents and visiting tourists to spend an entire day of shopping, absorbing the spectacular views, shows and performances, as well as culinary delights on offer. The commercial areas will offer office space to businesses for long-term leasing supplementing the old town’s “ecosystem”.

Estimated Revenues Generated By Town Square

The Resort’s town square will offer all of the following amenities surrounded by majestic beauty:

  • Closed and open air high-end cafes and restaurants
  • An “ultimate nightclub” experience
  • Luxury brand retail outlets
  • Basic amenities such as a bank, post office and pharmacy
  • Art exhibition gallery
  • Open-air concert stage overlooking the Adriatic Sea ice skating rink in winter and dancing fountains in summer
  • Office spaces for lawyers, company administrators and notary

Performing Arts Centre

Art and culture form an integral part of Montenegrin life. In this regard, the Resort will offer something for everyone: from live music to theatrical performances, cultural events, art exhibits, fashion shows, dance, music and outdoor wall cast productions with soundscape cinema series The project will deliver a world-class arts experience, allowing guests to soak in the sights and sounds of this multi-use performance space with its grand stage and outstanding acoustics – once again against the breath-taking view of the Adriatic Sea.

All year-round performances will include opera and symphony, plays, and a program of other world-class cultural events. Managed by a reputable global art performances & events organiser, the Performing Arts Centre shall be a unique development component in Montenegro.

No revenues are considered from the Performing Arts Center component in the business plan.


Wellness Centre

The centre will be positioned to be a destination facility delivering, in addition to all available advanced therapies, cutting-edge non-surgical medical evaluations and treatments designed to combat and reverse the aging process. The Wellness Centre will be managed by a consortium of leading and experienced medical staff in coordination with international and reputable medical institutions.
The diagnostic and therapeutic packages will be customised to fit the particular problems and needs of the individual. All therapies will be provided by highly trained professionals including physicians, physical therapists, advanced massage therapists, nutritionists, skincare and beauty specialists, exercise trainers, psychologists and molecular biologists. While most of the therapy protocols can be administered in 1-3 days, some require one week to ten days in order to complete.

Estimated Revenues Generated By Wellness Facility

Life Coaching Center

Motivational speakers, health food nutritionists, culinary experts and such specialists shall offer 3-5 day courses on their specialties at the Life Coaching Centre. Professionals will deliver a vast array of treatments for achieving a state of bliss: yoga and meditation, physical and spiritual healing, life improvement coaching with discourses and habit generation techniques.
Experienced professionals at the centre will offer mind and body balance activities and courses, yoga, tai chi, and other forms of exercise, as well as techniques to achieve total harmony.

Estimated Revenues Generated By Life Coaching Centre.

Assuming 5% of the hotel guests (couple) visit the Life Coaching Centre and avail of a 5 day package

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