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Shinkowa Pharmaceutical

About Mirailab :

MIRAILAB is proud to work with world-class universities on NMN development.

MIRAILAB NMN was used in the first safety test on humans in the world, and its safety, as well as the expression of sirtuin genes and the increase of melatonin and other growth hormones, was confirmed by a long-term (24-week) clinical study at a Japanese national university school of medicine.

MIRAILAB NMN, highly valued for its merits and purity, was selected for clinical research, funded by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) , at the University of Washington School of Medicine. We were honored to donate our products, which contain the purest NMN.

Business Overview:

  • Biotechnology research.
  • Development, manufacture, & sales of nutraceuticals (health food & cosmetics)
  • Manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical products.
  • Manufacture and sales of medical equipment and materials for medical use.
  • Management consulting business.
  • Import, export, & sales of domestic & foreign goods